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Credits & Acknowledgements

Dos Leos would like to acknowledge and thank those individuals and websites that have helped the Dos Leos website, directly, or indirectly, with answers to questions, code, feedback on content and ethics, resources and other elements.

Please visit the links provided for additional information and to obtain some fantastic resources.  This listing is not in the order of importance, just random.

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Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.
Dynamic Drive - Free DHTML Scripts! Dynamic Drive offers some fantastic FREE scripts to help add functionality and spice to your website.  Thanks for the scripts guys and gals!
JavaScript Source The JavaScript Source has been very effective in providing much needed knowledge in the area of scripting.  Thanks to the JavaScript Source for many useful scripts we have learned from.
 border= Bravenet offers some fantastic free services to add the interactivity you need, for your site.  The professional services are some of the best on the market.  Check out Bravenet today!  Dos Leos uses some of the free services, like FFA links and password protection and they work great!
CAUSE Member The "Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email" is a great resource for learning about spam and how to protect yourself from a deluge of "Inbox Trash."  Check them out for some great information and links to important anti-spam websites.
Website Awards Worksheet The Website Awards Worksheet has long been a favorite resource for award seekers.  With hundreds of award givers listed and updated regularly, there's no better source for Award Website listings.  Dos Leos is honored to be able to host this valuable resource.  Visit the site for up-to-date information, news and great articles on the many aspects of awards and web design.








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