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Privacy Policy

  • Dos Leos respects your privacy.  We will never give, rent or sell any information to third parties.  All information gathered by this site from forms or emails is retained securely.


  • Dos Leos will use cookies to help us maintain a quality site.  The information gathered is not personal.  Information like browser type, referring URL, date, number of visits, pages visited etc. is the only information gathered by cookies.

  • Some advertisers at Dos Leos use cookies as well.  We choose our advertisers according to their privacy policies and the ads at Dos Leos are very safe.


  • Sites awarded by Dos Leos will have a link to the site published in our 'Winners' directory.  Link may include a screen shot of site.  No email addresses will be published.


  • Anyone who spams our email addresses will be investigated and the spammers give up their privacy and will have their email address and site URL published in our abuse directory.

  • Dos Leos has a zero abuse policy!  We will never send email that is not related to an award or official business.  We NEVER bulk mail and currently have no newsletter.  If you receive an email claiming to be from Dos Leos and you feel it is spam please email us at and we will conduct a thorough investigation.  Include the full, unaltered header and source in the [body] of your email, do not send as an attachment.





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