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The Dos Leos website design and content is protected under copyright 2001-2003.  Where content or items fall under the copyright of other parties, there will be a statement as to such.  Graphics for external links, award rating banners, site ratings, etc. are copyright by their specific owners and used with permission.

The Dos Leos Lions graphic is used by permission, as is the lion graphics for our awards.  Some HTML and JavaScript is also used by permission, the statements can be found within the source code.

The Dos Leos "Ethics Statement" is based on the the public domain version.   The original version may be found at the CEMA website.


Dos Leos & Copyright
A serious issue!

 Points of Interest

  • The "Dos Leos Awards" website is copyrighted in it's entirety.  Where copyrights of others come into play will be accompanied by a copyright statement, giving notice that the material is used by permission and who the owner of the copyright is.  If you have doubts you can search for a copyright here:

  • We ask that all please refrain from copying images, text, code, etc. without first obtaining the permission of the WebmasterThis includes the Award Images!   Award graphics designs are owned by Dos Leos. Any site found displaying a Dos Leos Award without authorization will be in violation of the copyright laws and subject to legal remedies. 
    The new Award Graphics are designed and copyright 2003 by Brad Penrod.  These are original works and are owned in their entirely by Brad Penrod and Dos Leos.

  • Revocation of an award:  An award revocation is just that - we are taking the award back.  Usually this will only occur in the case of a major infraction of the evaluation rules - after the fact.  At which point, the site is no longer authorized to display the award image.  It must be removed, or again, violate the copyright laws.

  • Any midi, wav. music used on the Dos Leos site is original music, unless otherwise specified.  It is not to be copied under any circumstance! We are serious about this and will exercise lawful rights where copyrighted music is involved.  Music is written, sequenced, performed and copyrighted by Brad Penrod.

  • For sites that use midi music:  Please be careful!  Music copyrights do not expire for 75 years from date of creation, or author's death!  The copyright owners are starting to enforce their rights now.  Just like with Napster™ and file-sharing, they are now going after those who are using midi music illegally!  Even private, personal pages are not immune to the law.  There is a huge debate over whether or not midi music is copyrightable.  As a musician myself, I can assure you, you can copyright a midi song.  I am aware of several lawsuits, both pending and settled - they are in the $ millions!  And the sites being sued are not big corporations either, just private websites.
    -Dos Leos


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