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Our Friends

Now and again, someone may express something in friendship, or thanks to Dos Leos, or someone with Dos Leos.  This page contains any graphics received and / or special words or expressions.  Dos Leos thanks everyone for their support.

Timart Friendship

Timart was awarded our Gold Award in Sept 30, 03.  Tim has to be one of the most thoughtful applicants I have ever come across.  He is one of those people all APs want to know and award.

Thanks Tim, for your consideration and compassion, especially during a very difficult time in my life.


Thanks From Heritage (Russia)

"I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my site.

Thanks again, and good luck and continued success with your site and award!"

Rodion     (Heritage Award in Russia)

Thanks From Korea Award

The Korea Award won our Gold Award on August 1, 2003.  Jin Seok, Kim - the   owner, sent us this wonderful thank-you graphic.










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