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*** Important Notice ***

Dos Leos wants to extend thanks to all who have been involved, in any way, with Dos Leos 'Awards' - from our applicants and rating organizations to evaluators - you have all been awesome.

As of 10-30-03 Dos Leos will no longer be accepting applications for awards and the Award Program will be permanently closed. 

Many things have happened over the last few months that have greatly affected the decision to close our Award Program.  Being the owner of Dos Leos Awards, I have to say giving awards was a joy - but sadly, my heart is no longer in it, and it would be a disservice to the award community to keep the program open.  So, thanks to all and thanks for all the support.

W.G. Penrod 1920-2003

Dad in Germany 1944 T5 Sergeant - Tank Driver     Dad in 2003 with silver beard
W.W.II Veteran and Loving Father
He will be missed

Rated 3.5 by AS!
Member Since 2002

Please, make yourself at home and contact us if you ever have any questions regarding web design, content, copyright issues, awards, etc.  We are always glad to help.

Use the menu to the left to get started.  The "Scoring" page has tons of useful information to help you polish your site and prepare it for an evaluation. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Purpose of Dos Leos Awards

  • To reward Webmasters for their attention to detail and hard work.  The websites that demonstrate moderate to the highest in design achievements may qualify.
  • To promote, in an exemplary fashion, the high standards of our Award winners by displaying links to those sites that have met our strict standards and followed our basic criteria.
  • To better the Internet by promoting solid web design practices and ethics among those who wish to attain recognition for their hard work.



  • Time-frame, from application to notification: 4 weeks or less - Guaranteed.
  • All applicants who follow the simple instructions in our Criteria will be notified of application status and outcome.
  • Our Awards are not give-away awards.  They must be earned through good design practices and attention to detail.  Only the best webs achieve our top honors.




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