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Dos Leos News & Updates

  • 10-09-03
    Disclaimer page added to Dos Leos.
  • 10-04-03
    Brad Penrod has been approved as a full member of CEM/CEMA.
  • 09-05-03
    Dos Leos temporarily suspended applications and evaluations due the the passing of W.G. Penrod, WW2 veteran and my father.  I miss you dad...
  • 08-29-03
    Dos Leos has added several affiliate links to selected pages.  Hopefully, this is not intrusive.  Please support Dos Leos by visiting these excellent vendors.  We only link to the best!
  • 08-07-03
    Brad Penrod has been invited to participate with AEC Global, as an evaluator for English language sites.  I accepted this invitation and am happy to evaluate for this fine organization.
  • 08-27-03
    Dos Leos added additional AP Criteria for award seekers who may have an award program of their own, on the site being evaluated.
  • 08-27-03
    After we found that Dos Leos Awards was no longer listed at UWSAG, all rating graphics were removed from Dos Leos.
  • 08-24-03
    Dos Leos Awards added the new pre-application 'Self Test' page.
  • 08-19-03
    Dos Leos Awards has today received the respectable rating of '3.5 Select Award' by Award Sites!  We are so happy!  Thank you AS!
  • 08-18-03
    Dos Leos has awarded 'The Magic Words' with our Master Award.  This is only the third website to win this award, since Dos Leos Awards began in May of 2002.
  • 08-16-02
    Dos Leos has revised the Criteria 1 page. It now includes links to popups, with detailed information on each element of the criteria.
  • 08-12-03
    Dos Leos has made a full recovery, 3-days ahead of anticipated schedule.  We also took the opportunity to implement some much needed upgrades and changes to better our AP and make the Dos Leos website more friendly.  Thanks, to all who visited, for your patience!

    FYI:  Dos Leos is now backed-up on multiple CD-ROMs and the text has also been saved to separate text documents.  We should never again experience this kind of data loss.   Never in our wildest dreams did we believe we could lose so much - everything was backed-up, but still lost.  A word to the wise: Multiple redundancy is a very good thing.

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  • 08-11-03
    Dos Leos added popup information on the sample scoring form, now called Criteria 2 - Winning Tips.  This page allows the award seeker to see exactly what elements we score and possible point deductions, along with some additional information and comments to help with the thought process in site design.
  • 08-10-03
    Dos Leos has the awards application and criteria back online.
  • 08-06-03
    Dos Leos experienced a complete loss of site content, due to a software malfunction.  This caused us to lose every bit of content on pages with common borders.   Strange thing, it also overwrote every backup file.  Without knowing this had happened, the site was published - wiping-out the live site, the only original we had left.   We were left with no choice but to mostly rewrite the Dos Leos content from scratch.



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