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Master Award, Winner's Spotlight

Master Award Winners
The finest, in design and content.
The Magic Words 08-17-2003

"The Magic Words"

This awesome site yields not only a great design, but also exceptional content.  The poetry is some of the best we've read and the stories and prose are masterpieces!  This site proves one does not need a high-end multimedia site to win our Master Award.  Just a good, solid design and excellent content.

Congratulations to The Magic Words!

United States of America
4 Elements 07-2003

"4 Elements"

Excellent design, graphics and content. The moderate use of flash gives the site a warm feeling, without being distracting. Navigation is flawless.  This site is a 'must see' the design is breathtaking and one-of-a-kind.

Congratulations 4 Elements!

United States of America
AWA 07-30-02


Our first Master Award winner!

AWA is a site that is highly detailed, with continuously updated dynamic content.  Great Award Program.  Not easy to maintain a site of this size, but the Webmaster makes it seem easy.  Fantastic site to learn from.

Congratulations AWA!



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