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Web Site Awards Worksheet




Basic rules for the Dos Leos Award Program:

  1. Dos Leos reserves all rights as to final judgement of evaluated sites. 
  2. Dos Leos reserves the right to refuse evaluation of any site, for any legitimate reason (see criteria).
  3. All sites applying must meet the basic criteria.  The applicant must follow the simple instructions found there, in order to submit a successful application.
  4. All sites awarded must maintain a level of quality.  If Dos Leos finds that an awarded site no longer meets our criteria, the applicant will be notified of the problem and given the opportunity to resolve the problem.  However, if a site should display any forbidden images or text that may be considered harmful, the site's listing will be removed immediately and without notice.  Dos Leos reserves the right to rescind an award and/or remove site's listing from the Dos Leos website without notice and for any legitimate reason.
  5. All award graphics are to be displayed 'As Issued' without any modification of any kind.  If a graphic must be resized, specific permission from Dos Leos is necessary.  Dos Leos DOES check for compliance from time to time. Failure to meet this requirement will result in forfeiture of the award.
  6. Applicants who receive an award must notify Dos Leos of it's placement and URL, so we may verify it has been displayed correctly and without alterations.
  7. A site not awarded may resubmit after 90 days of the initial application date, if the site has undergone changes that will positively affect the outcome of the next evaluation.
  8. A site requesting an upgrade may do so 90 days following the last award.  The site must have changes that will positively affect the outcome of the next evaluation.
  9. Any site that does not publish the award graphic and notify Dos Leos of placement within 15 days of the award will forfeit the award.  Applicant will have to reapply after 90 days.
  10. Any site, or applicant refusing an award because it is not what was expected will be permanently banned from any further evaluations or awards from Dos Leos.
  11. All awards are required to have a return link to the Dos Leos Awards:
  12. Dos Leos, by itself,  will not evaluate/award a site that is an affiliate of Dos Leos.  This includes any site that we may evaluate for, or it for Dos Leos.  In this instance, we will use a qualified evaluator from another Award Site to evaluate and score the applying website, according to Dos Leos criteria and Dos Leos will stand on the outcome.
  13. If a site is down on our first evaluation attempt we will try one more time, five days later.  If the site is still down we will send an email to the applicant advising that the site is not working.  Site will have to be resubmitted for a third evaluation attempt.  If the problem is addressed in short-order, the evaluation may be immediate.
  14. If a winning site retires/leaves the www or changes URLs, causing a broken link in our directory, Dos Leos will remove, or update the site's URL.  After 1 year, a retired site may be dropped from our listings entirely.  This is to keep our award winner listings as current as possible, free-up disk space and keep our indexes working.  If you want to keep your site listing you should notify Dos Leos of any new URL immediately.

Unauthorized use of the Dos Leos Award Graphics:

  • Any unauthorized use of our Award Graphics including 'hot-linking' (bandwidth theft) will subject your site to being listed as a 'Pirate Site' in our indexes.  The listing will remain until the graphic/s or links are removed.  NO EXCEPTIONS!   This includes any other images/content from our site.
  • We keep full records of all sites awarded and the authorized graphics issued for the award.  Any attempt to falsify an award will create a negative listing.
  • All awards given after January 2003 will have a serial number or Site/Webmaster name on the graphic.  Removal of the identifier will be considered a breach of our rules and cause the award to be rescinded.

Dos Leos reserves the right to change or add to the above rules at any time and without notice, to better our program, maintain fairness and achieve higher consistency.   Any and all sites submitted will be subject to the published rules currently in effect.

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