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Web Site Awards Worksheet




Additional Criteria for sites with Award Programs

  1. Site must meet the basic Dos Leos Criteria.
  2. Award Program must have a 'Statement of Ethics.'
  3. Awards cannot be 'Giveaway' awards.  AP must have a scoring system in place.
  4. Award Program must show disqualifying criteria.
  5. Award Program must state what is required to win an award.
  6. Award Program must be at least 3-months old and have at least 5 verifiable winners.
  7. If separate from main site, Award Program must have a link from the site's home page.
  8. Award graphics must be no more than 200x200 pixels and 15kb or less.
  9. Site must be able to meet it's own criteria and score high enough to win it's own award.  The AP and main site will be judged according to it's own criteria.   This is in addition to the Dos Leos criteria and scoring.
  10. If AP is rated by AS!, Webs, or other rating organizations, all rating graphics must be displayed in accordance to the rating organizations' rules.  The rating/s will also be verified.
  11. Site must list all winners on separate pages and have those listings linked to the winning sites.

Failure to meet any one (1) of the above will cause an immediate loss of 12 points. Two (2) infractions is a disqualification

Dos Leos reserves the right to change or add to the above criteria at any time and without notice.  Any site submitted will be subject to the published criteria in effect, on the date of the application.  Criteria and other pages are occasionally modified to allow better evaluations, a more robust Awards Program and fairness to all qualified applicants.

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